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NightLock Door Barricade Review

I’m going to talk about the NightLock, an extra security layer for your front door.


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Is your home safe?

Approximately every 15 seconds of burglary occurs in homes just like yours, and approximately 40 percent of violent assault and 60 percent of rapes occur during home invasions.

I’m going to introduce you to the NightLock, one of the best do yourself home security solutions on the market.

A virtual barricade for your entry doors.

This product gives you an extra security when you’re in the house. If someone tries to break in, let’s say they broke into your locks, but when this one is installed, they won’t be able to open the door, because it’s actually preventing the door from being opened.

It’s the perfect door barricade, it’s easy to install and easy to use by the whole family.

Why the NightLock can help protect you and your family?

Most entry doors are equipped with a deadbolt and a handle set. We all have them, they will lock your doors, but they won’t keep the real bad guys, the criminals from kicking in your door.

When you activate your deadbolt, its piece sticks out into your door jamb. Your safety depends on these small parts.

Your basic exterior door jamb is made of wood about 3/4 of an inch thick with some trim on it, easily broken with blunt force.

80% of home break-ins happen at your entry doors. You can actually kick in a door faster than you can open it with the key.

The NightLock will help prevent home invasions. It actually barricades your door.

NightLock barricades your door giving you a lot of extra time to call the police, to call a neighbor and wake up your family.


It’s the best door brace for double doors too.

The NightLock is available in bright brass, dark bronze and brushed nickel.

I recently installed the bright brass NightLock because the existing hardware is bright brass.

These are so easy to install, it takes about probably less than 2 minutes on a regular wood floor.

First you need to position this new door lock in position, really close to the door.

Next you need to drill three holes for the three screws.

It can be installed on any type floor, wood, stone, cement, tile, even carpeted floors.

The NightLock comes with three matching screws and also three plastic anchors in case you’re mounting on tile, stone or in cement.

It uses the strength of the floor not the door frame.

Once the screws are in their places, this lock is installed and ready to keep you and your family safe.

This lock in this position will barricade your door. When you want to leave and unlock your door, you just slide out the lock rail and the door swings above the floor plate.

To lock the door, you close the door and slide in the lock rail.

The NightLock is definitely recommended when you’re in the house and you want extra security layer.

When you’re not in the house, let’s say you going to vacation or you’re out for a couple days, and you want to keep your front door secure (not only front door, you can put it on any door in the house), but recommended obviously is your front door.

So you can install that one, put it on, go out from the garage door and you can know for sure it’s not going to be easy to break into your front door because you got this installed.

The NightLock is super recommended for a double door (French-door) because you got the middle of the two doors and this gives a great protection for double doors.

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