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Interior Door Security That Works

If you are looking for the best interior door security devices, you will be very satisfied with the Door Armor Dormitory PRO Combo Set.

It is specifically designed to protect interior doors.

The set contains:

  • 1 Door Armor Jamb Shield
  • 1 PRO Door Shield set
  • 7 3-1/2-inch screws

The set fits a 1-3/8-inch interior doors.

You can choose between three options: white, satin nickel and aged bronze.

The Door Armor Dormitory Jamb Shield is 40-inches long and has multiple knock-out holes to work on doors with both a deadbolt and a doorknob.

Interior Door Security Devices

This part is designed to fit interior 1-3/8-inch doors. The Dormitory Jamb Shield will make the jamb considerably stronger. However, if you have hollow interior door, it will limit the effectiveness of any security device.

The Door Shields provide additional protection against kick-ins and against prying attacks. They are installed through the door.

Door Shield

The extended bend on the Door Shield prevents a pry bar, credit card or crow bar from being inserted into the door opening, preventing prying attacks.

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Hardening Your Interior Door

Besides using the above-mentioned security set, I want to talk about hardening your home against anything, from home invasion, break-ins or whatever. I wanna go over some real basics here.

I’m not going to actually describe the project but I just want to talk real quick what to look for and how easy it is to upgrade your interior doors in order to provide much better security for your home.

I consider my bedroom the area of last resort. If there is a break in, home invasion or anything like that (which is almost impossible thanks to this door reinforcement kit), this is the area I’m gonna go to.

Number one because this is where my stuff for protection are, but number two this is the area I’m going to harden the most so that it will take someone the longest to get into.

With that said here’s what we want to look for.

Number one, the quality of your door is very important. Most interior doors are cheap, hollow doors. There’s nothing to them.

They are wooden but it’s probably some kind of hollow, particle board wood with the vinyl wrap on it or something like that. Not worth it.

You need to upgrade this type of door to a solid door, some kind of solid wood. It really needs to be solid wood, not one of these cheap, hollow doors that someone could kick through in about two seconds. It really would not take a lot of effort to get through this interior door.

Number two, are these safety locks. The problem with them is that anyone who is a home invader, who’s that determined to get in, all they have to do is use a key and they’re inside.


You lock these safety locks from the back of course, but there’s this safety thing for kids so they can’t lock you out. All it takes is a key or a pry bar or even your fingernail to get through that. It’s really a weak part of the door.

So when you upgrade the door, you should be upgrading to a much better lock. It’s a good idea to use a lock that would go with an outside door, maybe even install a deadbolt as well being this is my area of last resort.

Another area to upgrade are the actual latches. There are just a little tiny couple of screws in there. Those pop out very easy because they’re really just tiny little screws. I’m gonna upgrade these with some kind of strong, long screws in the new door.

Let me show you what’s actually holding your interior door together. The only thing between you and the outside world is this little rinkĀ·y-dink decorative screw:


It has very little to no threading. This is not gonna hold anyone back. Anyone’s gonna be able to kick and knock that latch out very easy.

When I upgrade the door, I’m gonna upgrade to a very long drywall screw or something that will hold this very good and very securely.

long screw

One more point to consider are your hinges. You also want to upgrade the existing screws to something longer.

Those are some quick upgrades you can do to your doors, especially in your area of last resort to harden your home.

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Door Kick in Protection That Actually Works!

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