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Improving The Security of Your Front Door

It’s critical to think about the security of your entrance door. According to statistics, an exterior door was used in 76 percent of domestic burglaries in the UK.

Intruders will use your front door as their first point of entrance into your home because it is generally easy to obtain.

Keeping your front door, or any other entry door to your home, as safe as possible will assist to limit the likelihood of unwelcome visitors entering your property.

We will go through a few precautions you can take to keep your front door as secure as possible in this article.


You might be shocked at how often home robberies occur through the front entrance, yet a weak front door invites any would-be intruder to try their luck and enter your home.

Because doors and windows are the easiest points of entry for potential burglars, even obvious front door security measures may be sufficient to deter them from entering your property. You, as the homeowner, need peace of mind so that you can leave your home and live there without worrying about intruders, your family, or your things.

While a front door with security features may not be completely impenetrable to burglars, it will make it much more difficult for them to get access.

Improving The Security of Your Front Door


While keeping your house safe is always a concern, there are times when the necessity for security increases dramatically. Many of them, such as the effects of age or weather on the exterior of your door, are visible and easy to diagnose.

An old door frame might be problematic and make it much simpler for robbers to gain entry to your property. It’s crucial to realize that potential intruders can spot the flaws in your front door and door frame just as easily as you can.

Other considerations, aside from the wear and tear on your door, may compel you to upgrade. If you have recently been the victim of a burglary, updating your home security can be a great method to restore your house’s security and make you feel secure. A safe front door, at the very least, sends the message to potential attackers that the rest of the property is secure as well, making it too risky to attempt a break-in.


The plethora of options available to assist you increase front door security can be overwhelming, but keep in mind that every decision (no matter how minor) can make your property safer.

Let’s look at some of the things that can assist you increase the security of your current front door.

door reinforcement kit

Best Kit to Reinforce Front Door


Every front door has a lock, and there are several to select from, so it’s crucial to be informed of your alternatives. If your door lock is rusted, old, or damaged, you may want to replace it with a more secure door lock.

The following are the most secure types of front door locks:

One of the most frequent types of lock is the five lever mortice lock, which is a regular door lock on the list of acceptable locks for house insurance plans. The more levers a door lock has, the more secure it is and the more difficult it is to break into.

Multi-point locking system — This type of locking system has three locking points and is installed within the door. It’s then operated using a handle and a key, and it’s considered one of the safest front door locks.

While a night latch can enhance door security, it should be used in conjunction with one of the other locks on this list. When used alone, these locks are less secure than other locks because they are installed on the front door. All of Vufold’s Ultimate Front Doors come with a night latch to assist you keep your home secure.

Deadbolt lock – deadbolt locks can only be opened with a key or a thumb turn, and they provide excellent home security because they can’t be forced open with a knife blade or a credit card. A wooden, steel, or fiberglass door is best suited for these locks. Installing a deadbolt lock on a hollow core door may jeopardize the security of the door.

It’s crucial to double-check with your home insurance provider before purchasing a new locking system to ensure that it’s covered. Failure to do so could result in your house insurance not covering any burglary if the worst happens. Having a lock that meets British standards is normally seen favorably, and all of the locks listed above should do so.


To improve security, you can reinforce your door with additional reinforcements. A deadbolt is a type of security device that can only be locked (and unlocked) from the inside. A lock can be placed yourself if your front door is not constructed of steel, and it will help to give additional security.

Another alternative is a door chain, which, because it requires an external fore to be opened from the outside, leaves visible proof in the event of an incursion.

For increased security, steel or nickel reinforcements can be installed around the hinges, screws, and locks of your doors. It can be practically impossible to kick down a door with these installed, as the metal acts as armour from the inside.

A good door handle may make a big difference in the security of your front entrance. A cheap door handle can be easily snapped, broken, or forced open, allowing unrestricted access to your property.


A security strike plate is a piece of metal designed to strengthen the door jamb. The door jamb is a vulnerable region of your door frame; by installing a strike plate, you may instantly strengthen the security of your property.


While a faulty hinge may not be able to prevent a break-in, it can aid an attacker in gaining entry to your home. A hinge, like other sections of the door, can deteriorate over time if it is used frequently. It’s critical to stay on top of this, performing regular checks and making adjustments as needed. Though many hinge problems can be fixed by hand, if they are beyond repair, it is time to replace them.


Letterboxes are designed to allow some access to a property without the use of keys. To reduce the hazards associated with this, we propose putting a draught excluder within the box to guarantee that criminals are unable to see anything precious behind the door.


Installing a peephole, while inconvenient when you’re not at home, will allow you to see who’s at the door and make an informed decision about whether or not to open it. Burglars are less likely to attack a door with a peephole because they lose the element of surprise that many of their methods require.


Heat and energy efficiency aren’t the only advantages of installing glazing to your door. Not only does double and triple glazing effectively establish another barrier of entrance to your home, but it also makes it significantly more difficult for a burglar to force in.

If you have current glass panels in your door, you should consider upgrading to double or triple glazing if you haven’t already. This will make the glass more difficult to shatter.


You can add as many reinforcements as you like, but an old or damaged door can only provide so much security. Buying a new front door can be intimidating, but it also opens up a world of possibilities for improving your home’s security.

A wooden door, composite door, or uPVC front door may be appropriate for your home. You may customize your entrance door and its security to your property completely with a selection of materials and alternatives.

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