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Door Security Hardware For Ultimate Home Protection!

For this article we’re going to be featuring the Armor Concepts ultimate door security hardware.

You install it on your exterior doors to prevent someone from being able to kick in your door.

It is pretty easy for a bad guy to try to kick in the door that are not protected. The door would break away.

Armor Concepts’ door security hardware is specifically designed to attach to the frame of the door to prevent someone from being able to do that.

Let’s get started.

I’m going to be explaining how to install the Armor Concepts Door Armor Max Combo Set.

door reinforcement kit

The Armor Concepts Door Armor is made in the USA.

Of course if a bad guy really wants to get in the home they’re going to find a different way. The whole intent of the Door Armor is to make it so they’re not going to want to go through that door without a chainsaw or something like that.

A bad guy would have an easier time breaking the physical door itself, but they’re not going to break that Door Armor.

They’ll most likely try to go through a window instead.

Let’s start going through all the contents of the Door Armor package.

When you open up the Door Armor, you have one large jamb shield, you have two door shields that go over the locks of the door and you have two hinge shields that go over the bottom two hinges of the door.

And then you have various screws. The two door shields use the two and a half inch screws and the rest of the application uses the three and a half screws.

You can use a cordless drill to pre-drill the holes. You also need an impact driver, in addition to some miscellaneous screwdrivers.

The Armor Concepts Door Armor includes a square drive screw bit.

This particular kit also includes a pry shield. This is installed at the end to help prevent anyone from using a pry bar to try to open up those locks.

The pry shield uses tamper-proof screws.

First you are going to install the two door shields.

You’re going to slide the two door shields onto the door position so the holes will go over the lock bolts. These are the ones that you use the two and a half inch square drive screws.

lock and door reinforcer

Next you need to install the hinge shields.

For this one, let’s first open the door and you are going to remove two screws from the middle jamb hinge plate closest to the weatherstripping.

Pre-drill these holes with a 9/64 inch drill bit

Next use the impact driver to install one of the three and a half inch screws.

You mostly likely will be pretty amazed to see the original screws that are there because they are very short.

Fully insert one of the three and a half inch screws to the bottom opening.

Next you just position the hinge shield over the hinge so that the hole of the removed screw lines up with one of the holes from the center of the hinge shield.

door hinge plates

Then you insert the other three and a half inch square bit screw to the hinge shield. Now that it’s in its position, you are gonna pre drill the holes on the top and bottom of this hinge shield, using that 9/64 inch drill bit. You can use the impact driver to insert those screws.

And that’s how you do it!

You just need to repeat this process for the bottom hinge as well.

door reinforcer plate

Let’s go through the jamb shield installation.

Keep in mind you’re going to need 1/16 inch of door space to install this particular door armor.

If you don’t have that amount of space, it’s going to be a really tight fit.

You just position the jamb shield on the frame of the door where the lock bolt holes are.

door jamb plate

Once you find a good placement for it, you could use your thumb and punch out the holes that line up with the locks on your door. Super simple to do.

So when placed properly, the edge of the long leg should be hidden by weatherstripping and the bend of the short leg should rest flush against the bend in the jamb.

door frame reinforcement

Again it’s pretty simple.

All you do is pre-drill some holes. You can use a 9/64 inch drill bit and use the three and a half inch long screws to insert the jamb shield.

In this one you want to be careful to not over tighten the screws as it may cause unwanted jamb displacement.

Once this installation is complete, you just need to verify that you could still close the door.

door armor installed

It might be a little bit of a tight fit, but it is important that it does work.

That covers the main components of the Door Armor installation.

You also want to install the pry shield. This is used to try to prevent a bad guy from trying to use a crowbar to break in.

Pry Shield

Again it’s pretty much the same concept. You just find the correct placement and then you do some pre drilling of the holes before inserting the screws.

On this one you can use 11/64 inch drill bit.

This kit comes with some tamper-proof screws. They’re designed to allow you to insert them but not remove them.

To be honest, I had a heck of a time using these particular screws. I used a large flat head screwdriver to insert them. I found that over time that it got so tight that it was basically stripping the screws and making it very difficult to install.

So fortunately I had a few extra of the three and a half inch square bit screws, so after completely inserting one of the tamper-proof screws I used those two extra square bit screws from the previous set to install on the other two holes.

This allowed me to use that impact driver, which made it a lot simpler.

For that final screw, I had a tough time trying to get it in there. The screw was starting to strip, so I had to use some pliers. First I tried the snap on duckbill pliers and then I eventually got it with the Knipex cobra pliers.

Keep in mind this isn’t how you’re supposed to install these screws and good luck to the next owner of my home when trying to remove them.

Because of the difficulty that I had with the tamper screws, I reached out to Armor Concepts to let them know about it.

Fortunately it looks like they’ve already stopped using these one-way screws and now they’re using a security screw and it’s much easier to install.

The particular kit that I used was about a year old so that’s why I have the older tamper-proof screws.

If you buy the kit right now it won’t come with these tamper-proof screws. Instead it’ll be using a security screw that’s a lot easier to install.

Now you have the Armor Concepts Door Armor completely installed on your entry door. These are very long screws so it’d be very tough for someone to break in there.

That’s going to do it for this article, featuring the Armor Concepts door security hardware.

I think this does a pretty good job in making the entry door almost impossible to get into. You’re going to have an easier time breaking the wood door itself than you will be trying to break that armor on it.

It’s just way too tough. There are very thick screws in there.

Here is the link where you can pick it up: Max Combo Set

Oftentimes Armored Concepts is doing various sales.

Door Kick in Protection That Actually Works!

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