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Armor Concepts coupon code

Door Armor MAX Plus Combo Set is considered as the ultimate in door reinforcement.

It prevents the door from being kicked in, protects the hinges from being damaged, and prevents prying.

The whole set consists of a pry shield, a jamb shield, two mini-door shields and two hinge shields.

door reinforcement kit

It comes in a variety of finishes, including white, satin nickel, and aged bronze. You need to choose the color that works best with your door in order to conceal the fact that your front door is reinforced with all these shields from any possible invaders.

The heat-sealed powder coating technology guarantees that the components will maintain their aesthetically pleasing appearance for many years to come.

Because they are built from galvanized steel, they are much more immune to rusting than other types of steel.

The jamb shield is 46 inches in length and is fastened to the jamb on the lock side of the door. Installation of the jamb shield calls for very limited do-it-yourself skill.

door frame reinforcement

The hinge shields serve as protective shields for the hinges themselves. These are just metal parts in the shape of a L that hide the existing hinges on the door. To install them, you need just to place them over the hinges; the door does not need to be taken off its hinges in any way.

door reinforcer plate

The next component is the mini door shields. They cover up that section of the door in the middle in order to prevent it from cracking if the door is kicked in. The installation of these shields takes no more than five minutes and does not require you to take the locks off.

lock and door reinforcer

Many police officers and law enforcement professionals say you should buy this set because of how effective it is. Because the combo set strengthens all of your doors’ potential weak points, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to kick through your doors.

After the parts have been installed, the warranty will last for the rest of your life.

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