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Best Door Reinforcement Kit to Kick Proof Front Door

The one door kick-in protection that always works!

The world’s only complete line of door security and repair products.

They fit your budget and fulfill your home security needs – whether you want to protect your family or your business, this is exactly what you need.

Door Armor Max Combo Set Includes:

  • 1 Jamb Shield
  • 2 Hinge Shields
  • 2 Mini Door Shields (for the lock area)

door reinforcement kit

Available in three colors: white, satin nickel and aged bronze.

This product is backed by $500 Lifetime Warranty. This means that if a burglar kicks in your exterior door reinforced with these security devices, you will be paid $500 + your purchase will be refunded!

That’s how the manufacturer is confident in this product!

In addition, if you are not satisfied with this door reinforcement kit, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund.

Why is this product the best on the market?

Because it is reinforcing all weak points: frame, hinge and lock area, making your entry door impossible to kick-in. The effectiveness of this system has been tested and validated by independent sources, including police.

This set can even stand up to a battering ram and an axe:


Door Security Device System:

1. The Jamb Shield

door jamb reinforcement plate

It is a 46″ long that you attach to the lock side of the door frame. Minimal skill is required for installation. This is the key piece of the product. It is installed flush against the jamb by the 3.5 inch screws. Nobody can just kick in your door by breaking the wood frame anymore.

2. The Hinge Shields

hinge reinforcement

They have L shape and you install it over the existing hinges. This means you do not need to remove your door for installation.

3. The Mini Door Shields

door lock reinforcement plates

They are installed in the lock area (including the deadbolt strike plate), without removing the locks. They will prevent the door from splitting when kicked.

These plates are made of galvanized steel. It’s not only very strong (the thickness of the metal is 16 gauges, which is very strong, something you will not find anywhere else), but has superior resistance to rusting as well. Thanks to heat-sealed powder coating, each door reinforcer will look great for many years.

You can hardly see Door Armor once it is installed. When you close the door, you will only see about ¼ inch of the product.

door frame reinforcement

door reinforcer plate

lock and door reinforcer

Can you install it yourself? Yes, if you know how to use a drill. The best part is that you do not need to remove your door to install the set.

You can use this reinforcement kit to repair the damage caused by an existing kick-in. Did you know that a burglarized home is four times more likely to be attacked again?

The Door Armor Max Combo Set can prevent this from happening!

If you have been thinking about increasing the safety of your home, but don’t know where to begin, get this kit. It is the ultimate home and residential security solution.

This product has become the standard in door security. Many companies have tried to copy it and have miserably failed with their low quality kits.

Some people wrongly believe that an alarm system is enough to protect their home. They do not understand that alarms only let you know that someone’s broken into your home.

The Door Armor Max makes sure that intruders never get that far.

How to tell if the set will work for you? In other words, will it prevent the door from closing?

You can easily solve this mystery. If you can fit 2 quarters in the space between the frame and the door, it will work for you.

You can paint the pieces to match any hardware. Just buy the white kit and rough the surface with sand paper. The paint should go on perfectly.

Other Solutions

This set will only work for single front doors. There are also reinforcement solutions for

  • double doors
  • side light doors
  • sliding glass doors

You can see them here.

Address: Door Reinforcement Kit – 464 Craighead St. Nashville Tennessee (US) 37204 United States
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